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White Papers

The latest white papers detailing the top concerns and focuses of the travel and hospitality industries.

IAEE's Social Media Best Practices for Exhibitions and Events
The International Association of Exhibitions and Events utilized a team of more than 40 volunteers to come up with this comprehensive report detailing the best social media practices for planners. The white paper is free to members, but non-members will need to pay $99.95 for access.

Cornell University Presents A Case for Face-to-Face
Is high-tech best? Or is there true value in a good old-fashioned face-to-face? The Cornell Center for Hospitality Research teamed up with Maritz Travel Company and The Maritz Institute to find out.

EEI Global's C2P White Papers
EEI Global, an award-winning marketing firm, releases a series of reports on event planning under its C2P (Conception to Perception) publication series. Topics range from hosting hybrid events to engagement marketing.

Travel in 2010 and Beyond - Presented by RDO (Resort Development Organisation)
Europe's Resort Development Organisation, commonly known as RDO, forecasts the travel trends of 2010 and predicts industry changes yet to come.

Building a Travel Risk Management Program - Presented by BCD Travel
BCD Travel presents a case for "building a travel risk management program" and then provides a step-by-step guide for attaining one.

Collaboration within Telepresence Experience - Presented by Wainhouse Research
Wainhouse Research, in conjunction with Teliris, presents a white paper on how to effectively utilize the emerging trend of telepresence communication.

HSMAI's Travel Internet Marketing White Paper Series
HSMAI, Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, provides a series of white papers focusing on internet marketing, from mobile marketing to effective website design.

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