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Budget-Saving Tips

Whether economic times are good or bad, coming in at or under budget is always the goal.

Protect your bottom line with budget-saving tips on how to negotiate contracts, choose vendors, stage events, and more. Since time is money (as they say), you'll always find expert advice delivered in a clear, concise format.

Getting the Most from Your Hotel Staff
They attend to all the small details that make for a smooth event, from check-in to housekeeping. But, if that's all you ask of your hotel staff, you may be hampering your own success.

Lets Make a Deal
The art of negotiation can be tough to master. Increase your confidence (while decreasing your bottom line) by following these 10 easy tips.

More Negotiation Tips
About.com Guide to Event Planning Rob Hard shares insightful tips on how to negotiate with hotels.

How to Build a Basic Budget
About.com Guide to Event Planning Rob Hard provides an easy checklist for creating a basic budget.

Five Ways to Reduce Airfare
About.com Guide to Event Planning Rob Hard shares five ways to save costs when booking airfare for groups.

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