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Do you need to produce an ROI and RFPs on that big convention in the works? Or, been asked to reach out to the CVB about a possible FAM? Don't panic. Here are the most common (and most confusing) convention sales, hospitality and vendor terms and what all those letters really mean.
  1. Confusing Terms - A to G (50)
  2. Confusing Terms - H to M (27)
  3. Confusing Terms - N to T (39)
  4. Confusing Terms - U to Z (14)

Confusing Meeting & Convention Terms Explained
The Conventions and Hospitality industries can be a bewildering world, especially when everyone talks in acronyms. Here are 10 of the most confusing terms and what they really mean.

Convention Industry Council Term Glossary
The Convention Industry Council has compiled a mind-boggling list of almost 4,000 hospitality and convention terms. A great search function allows users to search by acronym or subject as well as by a specific word or starting letter.

ESCA Glossary of Exhibit Terms
The Exhibition Services & Contractors Association provides an extensive glossary of exhibition terms for all to access.

IASB Speaking Industry Glossary
The International Association of Speakers Bureaus offers a comprehensive glossary of speaking industry terms.

All Facebook's Facebook Marketing Dictionary
AllFacebook.com's expansive glossary clears the confusion over Facebook marketing/advertising lingo.

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