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Confusing Meeting & Convention Terms Explained


If you're new to conventions and hospitality, both industry's love of acronyms will likely make your head spin. When every other word is often a word that represents several words, well, things can get bewildering fast.

Here's a rundown of ten of the most common (and yes, confusing) industry terms and what they really mean.

AQ - Any Quantity.

BEO - Banquet Event Order.

CVB - Convention & Visitors Bureau.

EAC - Exhibitor-Appointed Carrier.

F&B - Food & Beverage.

GSF - Gross Square Footage.

NOS - Not Otherwise Specified.

RFP - Request for Proposal.

SMERF - Not a reference to little blue cartoon creatures, this term actually references a sub-group of the conventions market that includes social, military, education, religious and fraternal groups or associations.

TLO - Total Loss Only.

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