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Going Green

More and more travelers value eco-friendly measures, but just as many are skeptical about how green you really are. Explore tips on going green, attracting eco-tourists, avoiding green-washing, and more.

Vegas Raises the Stakes, Gets Down To Business When It Comes to Green Meetings

Las Vegas is offering a whole other kind of green to eco-conscious event planners. Discover how major hotels are greening the meeting industry in Sin City.

How to Avoid Greenwashing
Saying you're green is easy, but proving it, well, that's another story. So, how can you market yourself as eco-friendly without stretching the truth and with true meaning? Easy tips on how to avoid greenwashing, in practice and in action.

The Next Green Thing
With more than 90 percent of travelers saying its anything but easy to be green, more and more hotels are touting their eco-friendly standards. Check out how hotel brands are making it easier to check into green standards.

EPA Green Guide to Products and Services
The Environmental Protection Agency offers a comprehensive guide to green products and services. Tips on greening your meetings also can be found.

A blossoming sustainability site, MeetGreen.com teaches planners how to be more green - from venues to resources. A cool tool allows organizers to enter their number attendees and up to five cities to see which trip will leave the smallest carbon footprint.

The City and County of San Francisco are doing their part to push the green movement forward. They're sharing the findings of their green research into more than 1,000 products, services and vendors for all the world to see online.

GreenAmericaToday.org's National Green Pages does just what those famous yellow ones do, but only for environmentally friendly businesses. Browsers can search by keyword, category or zip code.

A grass roots, industry-wide endeavor, ConveneGreen.com seeks to provide "information and support to associations seeking to create green policies and reduce the environmental footprints of their organizations and events."

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