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When Bad Weather is Good

Hotels, Bars and More Use Mother Nature to Perk Up Buzz, Guests and Revenue


When Bad Weather is Good

In the past when bad weather struck, most businesses would bunker down, ride it out and chalk it up as a lost. But, more and more operators are discovering a silver lining in those storm clouds. Bad weather specials are headline-catching and revenue-generating, too.

When Hurricane Earl threatened the east coast in September 2010, Boston’s Back Bay Hotel offered guests the chance to reserve a room for the same rate as the storm’s top wind speed.

In the summer of 2008, The Venetian resort and casino in Las Vegas basked in the media spotlight when it priced rooms based on the sizzling desert temperature.

Hotels, however, aren’t the only venues to turn adverse weather (or even just the idea of it) into favorable marketing.

In spring 2010, Todd English P.U.B. launched a special that allowed guests to drink up at half-price whenever it rained. Located in Las Vegas (not exactly the rain capital of the world), the special probably didn’t generate as much redemptions as it did headlines, but it certainly placed the English pub on the map as quirky and fun-lovin’.

In February 2010, the Baltimore Business Journal reported on how area restaurants used Twitter and Facebook to let residents know they were still open during inclement conditions.

While copying one of these promotions will likely garner some attention, coming up with a new spin will make you stand out from the crowd.

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