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Planning Effective Meetings


From need-to-know basics to insightful insider knowledge, discover strategic tips for planning effective meetings that are successful, creative and fun.
  1. Meeting Planning Basics
  2. Social Marketing & Meetings
  3. Meeting Planning Resources

Meeting Planning Basics

Business Meeting

Whether you're just starting out in meeting planning or are an industry pro, the fundamental principles of this field will serve as either a must-have primer or a refreshing back-to-basics reminder.

Social Marketing & Meetings

Man on Computer

Social media isn't a fad and, if you're not a part of it, you're missing out on valuable ways to make better use of your time and make your events memorable as well. Discover how it can help you in planning a successful meeting.

Meeting Planning Resources

Hotel Staff Worker

Meeting planning isn't just about know-how, it's also about leveraging connections. Make sure to bookmark these resources for easy at-a-glance references.

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