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Luxury Guide

Luxury is always in style. Discerning travelers still aren't settling for less, but they are shopping around.

Do you have what it takes to attract the elite traveler? See which hotels and meeting venues are winning over VIPs, and how they're doing it, below.

Hotels Drive New Revenue Streams, Literally
Hotels around the world are turning to auto partnerships to drive new interest and, in turn, new revenue streams. A case study of how three hospitality brands are shifting marketing plans into overdrive.

Shhh! The Lure of the Hidden Hotel
Grab your shades. The mystique of the little known hotel-within-a-hotel is bigger than ever. And, why not? In an era where pseudo-celeb-reality reigns supreme, everyone wants to feel like a VIP, even if they have to pay for it themselves.

Loyalty Pays (Really!)
Rewards programs can provide instant loyalty and steady revenue, if done right. Discover how three brands are changing with the times to ensure a steady stream of clientele.

Hotels Put High-Tech Spin on Reading in Bed
About.com Guide to Hotels & Resorts Charlyn Keating Chisholm shows how hotels are giving the much-beloved bedtime ritual of curling up with a good book an upgrade.

Top NYC Luxury Hotels
About.com Guide to New York City Travel Heather Cross reveals her picks for the top luxury hotels in New York City.

Les Clefs d'Or USA
Recognized by the crossed golden keys on their lapel, members of Les Clefs d'Or signify an elite standard in concierge service.

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