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Showboat Atlantic City Shows Off Pet-Friendliness


Sleeping Dog
©Rebecca Frisch

Showboat Atlantic City is sure to have set lots of tails a'wagging with news of the city's first PetStay program.

Starting February 24, 2011, the Showboat will offer rooms for guests traveling with canine companions in tow (sorry, cat lovers). Upon entering their room, guests will find thoughtful touches like treats, food and water bowls, doggie mats, and disposable waste bags.

Before you rush to make a reservation, there are a few things you should know, first.

One, you can only bring a maximum of two dogs and they must weigh, together, 50 pounds or less.

Two, if you believe in the adage 'nothing in life is free,' it's true in this case. Guests with doggie bedmates will be charged an additional $40 bucks a night.

And, third, while dogs are welcome in the hotel, they're not welcome everywhere. You won't be able to hit the casino, shop, relax in the spa or grab a bite with Fido.

For booking information, visit www.ShowboatAC.com.

Guests with pets will be restricted to the hotel's New Orleans tower so if you'd rather not be around man's best friend, request an alternative tower.

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