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Social Media Tips and Trends

Social media isn't just the future, it's now.

What are you doing to be a part of it? Whether you're just jumping in or don't know what to do now that you've started, I've got the tips and trends you need to get the most out of this valuable marketing tool.

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Hotels Get Social

More and more hotels become early social media adopters as the battle over social savvy travelers heats up online.

Las Vegas - There's a (Free) App for That

With more than 200,000 apps for iPhone, Las Vegas hotels are making sure they aren't left behind in the craze. Seven of the city's most recognizable resorts offer free apps, but do they offer any substance to planners?

CVBs Take to the Tweets
A growing number of CVBs are tweeting all about it online, but are they doing it well?

About.com Guide to Web Trends
A must-read guide to the latest web trends, from social bookmarking to widgets.

About.com Guide to Twitter
An A-to-Z guide to Twitter from how to get started (and why) to how to expand your reach.

BlogWorld Expo
Self-touted as the "world's largest social media conference," BlogWorld Expo brings together new media representatives from across the country for three days of seminars, exhibitions, product reveals and more.

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