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City Guides

Know the city you want to host your next meeting or convention in, but don't know where to start? The most popular and unique venues can be found within these comprehensive city guides.
  1. Atlanta (1)
  2. St. Louis (7)

Top 5 International Convention Cities
It's no surprise that the most popular convention cities in the world are also the top tourism destinations. Discover which international cities comprise the top five meeting destinations in the world, and why.

Casa Fuente Adds Spark To Vegas Special Events
Sip, savor and discover a unique meeting venue that will add just the spark needed for special events in Las Vegas.

Meeting, Convention and Event Spaces, From Traditional to Unique
From over-sized conference centers to intimate boardrooms and beyond, find the ideal space for your next meeting, convention or event.

Top 5 Convention Cities
From the bright lights of Vegas to a place thats definitely my kind of town, these five cities bring new meaning to the phrase business as usual by hosting the most conventions nationwide.

When Sin City Gets Serious
Known (and promoted) as one of the nation’s top party cities, Las Vegas is surprisingly all business when it comes to meetings and conventions.

Five NYC Hotels for Business
About.com Guide to Business Travel David Kelly shares five great New York City hotels for business travelers.

Venues Online allows planners to search a database of thousands of spaces for their ideal venue. Begin by simply entering the desired state or city.

Cvent Destination Guide
Filled with detail-packed city guides for some of the world's top meeting and event locations, Cvet's Destination Guide also links to a handy comparison chart that lets planners know what's within their budget, and what's not.

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